Can I rent IPv6 subnet?

Yes, you can rent IPv6 subnet by using our website.

Are your IPv6 subnets clean?

Yes, our IPv6 subnets are clean and have never been in use.

What information do I need to provide to rent IPv6 network?

You need to provide your company details, admin-c, tech-c ORG RIPE details, ASN and a company registration document. The information is provided during the checkout.

How long do I have to wait for an IPv6 /48 assignment after payment?

We assign subnets within 1 calendar day after the payment receipt. If the subnet was paid during working hour, the assignment is usually made within an hour.

Do I need an ASN to announce IPv6 subnets?

Yes, you need an ASN to announce an IPv6 subnet. It could be your own or a third party ASN. Upon request, we will provide you with LOA.

Do you provide mnt-by?

By default, we don’t provide mnt-by, but can add it into inet6num upon request.

I need an IPv6 network larger than /48, do you provide /32 or /29 IPv6 subnets?

Yes, we do provide both /32 and /29 IPv6 subnets. To get further information and pricing, please contact us by email:

Can I announce the leased IPv6 subnet anywhere?

Yes, you can announce IPv6 network everywhere,

I would like to have my own IPv6 subnet. Do I need to be a LIR to buy IPv6 addresses?

You don’t need to be LIR to get your own IPv6 subnet. We can help you to register it. For further info and pricing, please contact us by email:

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